BONI 20% Card (50$)


BONI 20% Card (50$)

$50 + boni = $60 of ski.

50 ski areas are waiting for you!
Ski dollars can be applied to the purchase of ski tickets.*

Price : $50

Also available : 100 $ + boni = 120 $ of ski

* The Boni20 card may not be combined with any other rebates, ski area promotions, 2-for-1 offers, or any other product: Ski Passe-Partout card, AccèSki Famille card, Ski en cadeau card and Expérience maneige card.

  • The Boni Card is a transferable electronic wallet for purchasing ski tickets only. Ski more often for the same price!

  • Abitibi-Témiscamingue
    Centre plein air Mont Kanasuta
    Mont Vidéo

    Parc du Mont-Comi
    Parc du Mont Saint-Mathieu

    Corporation Ski & Golf Mont-Orford
    Mont SUTTON
    Owl's Head Development
    Bromont, montagne d'expériences

    Station du Mont Gleason

    Le Massif de Charlevoix
    Mont Grand Fonds

    Club de ski de Beauce (1980) inc.
    Massif du Sud
    Mont Orignal, coopérative de solidarité
    Station récréotouristique du Mont Adstock

    Station récréotouristique Gallix

    Parc régional de Val d'Irène
    Station touristique Pin Rouge

    Mont La Réserve
    Ski Montcalm
    Station touristique Val Saint-Côme

    Centre de ski Vallée Bleue
    Développement Belle Neige
    Mont Avila
    Mont Blanc
    Mont Olympia
    Mont Saint-Sauveur
    Ski Chantecler
    Ski Mont Gabriel
    Ski Mont Habitant
    Ski Morin Heights
    Société de Gestion du Mont Avalanche
    Station Mont Tremblant

    Vallée du Parc

    Mont Rigaud
    Ski Saint-Bruno

    Station Mont Cascades

    Station touristique Stoneham

    Saguenay / Lac-Saint-Jean
    Club Tobo-Ski inc.
    Station de ski le Valinouët
    Station Mont-Édouard

    This list may vary without notice during the season.


    The terms “skier”, “alpine skiing”, and “ski” used in the text refer also to snowboard users.

    1. By purchasing a Boni20 card, holders agree to these terms and conditions. The Quebec Ski Area Association (ASSQ) reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The modified terms and conditions will be posted on the mysnowstore. com Web site within days of the modifications. The terms and conditions on the Web site take precedence over any other version, verbal or written. In the event the information pertaining to visits or to ski areas contains an error or is interpreted differently by the holder, the ASSQ’s version takes precedence.

    2. The Boni20 card is valid

    • a) for the displayed price.
    • b) for all types of tickets (child, student, adult, senior, etc.)
    • c) during each business day.

    3. The Boni20 card is valid only for the purchase of ski tickets. The Boni20 card cannot be used toward the purchase of packages, lodging, food or other related services.

    4. The discount will be debited from your card by the ticketing attendant.

    5. The Boni20 card is transferable, and the ASSQ is not responsible for lost or stolen Boni20 cards. No duplicate will be issued and no refund or compensation will be paid.

    6. You must attach your daytime or evening ticket to your ski jacket immediately, under the ticketing personnel’s supervision. Ski tickets obtained with the card are non-transferable and may not be sold, transferred or otherwise disposed of under any circumstances. Reselling a Boni20 card or ski tickets constitutes fraud, and offenders will be sued.

    7. The Boni20 card may not be combined with any other rebates, ski area promotions, 2-for-1 offers, or any other product: Ski Passe-Partout card, AccèSki Famille card and Expérience maneige card.

    8. A skier who has forgotten his Boni20 card will have to purchase his ticket, at his expense, to use the ski lifts, and there will be no refund and no compensation to the holder.

    9. The Boni20 card holder acknowledges the inherent risks associated with skiing and the use of ski lifts and agrees to assume full responsibility for any injury whatsoever that he may sustain or cause to another person and agrees to release and/or indemnify the ski area and the ASSQ in this regard.

    10. In addition, the Boni20 card holder assumes full responsibility for any injury whatsoever resulting from violation of the ski area rules and regulations, the Mountain Code of Conduct and the present terms and conditions and releases and exonerates the ASSQ and the ski area for any injury related to such actions.

    11. The ASSQ is not responsible for any ski areas that are unable to honour the Boni20 card because of force majeure, strikes, closures or other events beyond their control.

    12. The ASSQ reserves the right to confiscate or de-activate a Boni20 card if the cardholder fails to comply with the rules and conditions of use specified herein, without further notice, refund or compensation.

    13. The Boni20 card issued remains the property of ASSQ.

    Service charges
    14. Except where prohibited by law, if a balance remains on the card as of the 19th month, non-refundable service charges equal to a monthly fee of $2.50 plus tax will automatically be deducted from the balance of your Boni20 card. These service charges will reduce the balance of the Boni20 card and may exhaust it entirely.

    RFID Access Control System
    15. A new technology is emerging at ski areas—RFID access control systems. Presently, a limited number of ski areas have adopted this technology, and the way it works differs from one ski area to another. The price of an RFID card also varies depending on the ski area but does not exceed $7. In some cases, this cost is refundable the same day at the ski area or anytime during the season at the issuing ski area, and in others, it is not.

    16. The Boni20 card cannot be used to purchase the RFID card.

    Reimbursement conditions
    17. The Boni20 card is non-refundable and cannot be credited or exchanged for cash.

    18. Balance of $5 or more: Refunds will not be given on balances of $5 or more.

    19. Balance of less than $5: All refund requests lower than $5 must be sent in writing to the customer service of at 1347 Nationale Street, Terrebonne (Québec) J6W 6H8, along with the Boni20 card and the proof of purchase.

    Your card is rejected at the ticket office?
    20. Despite our very best efforts to ensure the smooth operation of our processing system and train our ticketing personnel, transaction errors and system failures may still occur. If your transaction is rejected by the system, it is the user’s responsibility to contact the ski areas’ technical support immediately at 1 855 444- 1044 for validation purposes. The ski areas’ technical support is open from Monday to Friday between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m., as well as on Saturdays and Sundays and during holidays between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. This call will allow us to verify the reasons of the rejection and rectify the situation on site. If, despite your service call, the ski areas’ technical support is not able to rectify the situation, you must take note of the number of the ticket of your service call and the ski area you visited and keep your ski ticket and the proof of payment in order to E-mail them to the customer service of mysnowstore. com at boutiquemaneige@assq.qc. ca. No refund will be granted without the supporting information and the ticket number the technical support team will have given you. Note that the refund cannot exceed the balance available on the card. The customer service of will analyze your request and contact you as soon as possible. No financial compensation will be paid for the inconvenience.

    General or local system failure
    21. Unfortunately, during a general or local system failure, ski areas cannot honour your Boni20 card. Take note that you will not receive any financial compensation for the inconvenience. However, if you send your Boni20 card with the proof of a ski ticket purchase to the customer service of at 1347 Nationale Street, Terrebonne (Québec) J6W 6H8, we will reimburse you for the balance on your Boni20 card. For more information about the participating ski areas, visit

    The use of the masculine is to simplify the text.